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Welcome to


1st Fridays
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


English:  20-minutes before each 
               weekend Mass on any 
               5th Sunday
Polish:  30-minutes before each
             Sunday Mass
(11:00 a.m.)

Tuesday to Friday 8:30 a.m.             (English)
Saturday 4:30 p.m.                           (English)
Sunday 9:30 a.m.                             (English)

Sunday 11:30 a.m.               *(English/Polish)

        * Full Polish Mass on 1st & 3rd Sundays

Saturday 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Upon request:  Anytime

Simply call 705-742-5466
and speak with a priest,
to set up a time.

For Masses on Tuesday to Friday, please enter in the side door (south side) directly off the parking lot, where the ramp is located. 


With the easing of the Covid-19 situation worldwide and in our country, and upon the advice of the Assembly of the Catholic Bishop's of Ontario (ACBOs) medical consultant, I am authorizing that remaining Health Precautions may be removed at Masses in the Diocese of Peterborough effective immediately.

  1. Clergy and Extraordinary Ministers are no longer required to wear masks or use hand sanitizer at the distribution of Holy Communion.  If however, a priest, deacon, or layperson is suffering from a respiratory illness, it would be strongly advisable for them to refrain from distributing Communion or to wear a mask when doing so.

  2. Distribution of Holy Communion from the chalice may resume.  This means that concelebrants and deacons are no longer required to receive the Precious Blood by intinction. 

  3. Please ensure that, at Sunday Masses, the presentation (procession) of the gifts is resumed in its fullness, including the Eucharistic elements of bread and wine. 

  4. There are no more restrictions regarding the sign of peace, but people should be sensitive to the comfort level of other worshippers about handshaking. 

Thank you for your diligent attention and care during the remarkable period of the pandemic that we have come through.  Let us pray for ongoing improvement in the public health situation.
Yours in Christ,
Bishop Daniel Miehm


Pastoral planning is a prayerful and participative process through which a Diocese characterizes itself as a particular community of faith by developing its own mission statement, its vision statement, assessing its current life, and shaping possibilities of the future.  Through pastoral planning, the faithful provide in-put on key areas of pastoral concern: word, worship, community, service and temporalities.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough launched its Pastoral Plan 2023-2028 on Pentecost Sunday, 2023.  The Pastoral Plan is the fruit of much work in parishes, online, in Catholic schools, and lay organizations throughout the Diocese.  Most Reverend Bishop Miehm invites the clergy and faithful to participate through contemplation and action in the realization of this Plan.

Video Message from Bishop Miehm


2022 was a wonderful year as we returned to our normal parish life!  I was so moved by your continued support of our community.  Thank you for your commitment to Immaculate Conception Parish.  God bless you all! —Fr. Stephen


You can see in our latest financial statements that in 2022 our offertory collections were down $3,252 over 2021 and our total operating revenue was $267,975. The offertory collections are certainly a concern, as they totaled $140,000 in 2019 and only $116,000 in 2022, down $24,000. Total operating expenses were $217,267 (up $13,837) leaving excess revenue of $50,688.  We thank Fr. Stephen and staff for their attention to our expense line, but expenses such as the increased cost of natural gas were beyond their control. We actually used considerably less gas with our new high efficiency boilers, but our heating costs are up due to the increased gas price. When we include our capital expenditures of $59,491 related to the new boilers, we have a deficit of $8,804 for the year 2022. Our annual summer raffle and yard sale will take place August 26, 2023 as we continue to raise funds for the elevator project.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT!

Your Finance Committee:

Paul Ayotte, Luc Matteau, Brendan Moher, Peter Dawson

— May, 2023

Fr Peter PBF Video.png

The weekend of June 10/11, there will be a Special Collection for the Priest Benefit Fund.  The purpose of the Priest Benefit Fund is to ensure that the retired and sick priests of the diocese receive financial benefits each month to supplement the federal pension and to provide a basic health insurance plan. 

The Diocese supports priests in retirement or those on sick leave every month through your generosity.  Additionally, as they age, some priests experience illness which prevents full active ministry.  Therefore, the stewardship of this fund is essential and must be a priority for the Diocese and its faithful in supporting our priests. 


Bishop Miehm interviews Fr. Peter Seabrooke on his retirement in this video (2020). 


The children will be receiving their 

First Holy Communion 

at the 9:30 a.m. Mass on


June 11th




Our new children’s ministry was well received and enjoyed by many families. Focusing on the theme of the Good Shepherd and following the liturgical year, the Level 1 children all grew in their faith in many different ways.


Thank you to our volunteers: Ceara Corkery, Ksenia Gainey, Maura and Ella Baklinski and Mariana Mazzarolo.


Thank you Fr. Stephen for opening the parish doors and providing space to create an atrium environment
that nurtures the spiritual needs of children.   The following gallery is from our Easter activities

Click image to see larger view

5th Easter - Outdoor Catechesis to care for creation, pray and ponder a parable
5th Easter - Listening to The parable of the Seed with a friend
5th Easter - To Jesus Through Mary! Adjusting the flower garland before prayer
5th Easter - This 6-year-old brought our processional cross from the atrium, outside to ad
5th Easter - Sunflower seeds to be sown soon!
5th Easter - Dig a hole, drop a seed, cover, then water
5th Easter - We listened to the story of Pentecost, then lit candles representing the 7 gi
Easter Brings Hope
Jesus Through Mary1
Jesus Through Mary2
Jesus Through Mary3
Jesus Through Mary4
End of Season
We profess your resurrection
The Tomb
Family and friends have joined us to experience the atrium!
Flower Arranging
The Mystery of Life and Death
Receive the Light of Christ
Easter Week 3
The Last Supper
Funnel Pouring
Walls of Jerusalem
Regions of Israel
Divine Mercy
Divine Mercy Prayer Table
Empty Tomb
Caring for Creation5
Caring for Creation3
Caring for Creation4
Altar Practice
Caring for Creation2
3-Receiving the Light of Christ2
Pascal Candle
Chanting the Exultant
2-Receiving the Light of Christ
1-Liturgy of the Light
Fr Stephen3_edited_edited.jpg

Fr. Stephen DeCarlo

Parish Priest 

Welcome to our new parish priest, Fr. Stephen DeCarlo!  Fr. Stephen is originally from Peterborough and was baptized at Sacred Heart Parish. He went to Sacred Heart Elementary, King Edward Public School, and Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School. He attended university at the University of Toronto, Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Barry's Bay, St. Philip’s Seminary in Toronto and St. Augustine’s Seminary in Scarborough. He also completed courses through the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, Illinois. He did his pastoral internship at St. Joseph’s Parish in Bowmanville and was ordained to the priesthood on May 25th, 2018. He served at St. Mary’s Parish in Lindsay in 2018-2020 and replaced
Fr. Bill Moloney at Immaculate
on July 29th, 2020.

Fr. Damian.png

Fr. Damian Smullen

Priest in Residence

Fr. Damian grew up in the town of Sligo, in Northwest Ireland.


 He was ordained August 5th, 1988 and has been ministering as a priest in the Diocese of Peterborough for 34 years.


 Currently, he is the Catholic chaplain to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre and the Wayside & Chesterton Academies in Peterborough.


  We welcome him as he makes our rectory his home.

Fr Peter Dec21 - headshot_edited.jpg

Fr. Peter Seabrooke

Retired Priest in Residence

Fr. Peter Seabrooke was baptized in Immaculate Conception  Parish but raised in Sacred Heart Parish, both in Peterborough and was ordained to the priesthood on May 6th, 1972.

He served in parishes in Cobourg, Lindsay .Newcastle and Peterborough,in addition to serving as  Youth Director, Director of Christian Family Ministries and Chancellor of Temporal Affairs.  

He officially retired in September 2019 and resides at the Immaculate rectory while continuing to serve  as chaplain of Mount St. Joseph.

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