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October 5, 2019
We raised $1,478.91 for the Accessibility Fund.  
Special thanks to Don Smith, who coordinated the event. 
Details are below in is his report.

The day was excellent.  Couldn't be any better!

The weather was a typical fall day.  The market was exploding with every fruit and vegetable imaginable.  Lots to see and to do at the market and the extended time was just right for everyone to enjoy what was happening - both inside and outside.

After the market, we went to Picards Peanuts where we spent about 30-40 minutes and man, did the group enjoy shopping the products at the Picards store!  Luc Matteau took a group picture by the bus.  Some of the guests however, were still buying.  


Then we went into the village of St. Jacobs for about an hour and 15-minutes, which proved to be a good length of time for everyone.  Again, the people enjoyed the uniqueness of the shops and started their Christmas shopping.

Next, we went off to the Crosssroads Restaurant.  A hearty meal where most of us overate.  Afterwards, some just relaxed in the restaurant, but most visited the Country store - part of Crossroads - and continued to shop.

The guests liked the fact that the gratuity was included at the restaurant and for the bus driver.  The bus ride was comfortable and Bob did a great job in the traffic we did encounter.

Oh yes!  Three draw prizes were held...they liked that.  Diane Wingett won the folk art wooden star, Luc Matteau a jar of Mennonite Blueberry Jam and I did not catch the name of the person who won the Mennonite Red Pepper Garlic Jelly.

Don Smith
Event Organizer

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