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We GREATLY appreciate your support!
There are THREE ways to support Immaculate Conception, Peterborough. 




Rather than dropping cash into the Sunday collection basket, you can have an Income Tax Receipt generated for you at years-end if you use Offertory Envelopes instead.  Simply call the Parish Secretary to assign you a box of envelopes.  

You can use the following POP form:
Print, complete and sign the form, then mail with a voided cheque to the parish office.  This option is recommended for ongoing offerings and can be cancelled at any time.

Optionally, you are able to donate directly to Immaculate
You will pay by credit card and immediately receive a Tax Receipt into your email.  Be aware that with this option, the parish will incur a 3.75% fee. You may wish to add this fee to your donation so that it is covered.  For example, a
$50 donation becomes
($50 x 1.0375) $51.88.

Fr Stephen2.PNG

We thank everyone for their commitment to the parish and their financial support, especially those, who although unable to attend services, have faithfully delivered their offertory and Saint Vincent de Paul envelopes to the Rectory.

It is plain to see in our latest financial statements that the pandemic has had a notable affect on our

finances ($217, 501 revenue) and even though some of the shortfall was offset when we received some government funding for wages ($21,527 ) our revenues are down $23,855 year-over-year.  Fortunately, thanks to Fr. Stephen and staff we have been able to reduce expenses $10,443 year-over-year to ($213,723).

Capital expenditures for the year were $3,706 to replace an outdated and unreliable telephone system in the rectory and the other $18,035 were expenses toward the elevator project.  We had hoped to proceed with the elevator project this spring and had approached the Diocese for a $35,000 loan to allow us to proceed before prices escalated too much.  However, after posting the drawings for a month at the Construction Exchange we did not receive any interest from local builders.  We solicited some interest from the contractor who did the ramp, but when the proposal was analyzed before signing a contract, it was found to be lacking. So we were unable to proceed.

We received a call at the Rectory from a neighbour during a period of high winds, noting the copper roofing on the church was waving like a blanket in the wind.  Estimates received so far to mitigate this problem by installing new screws are in the $10,000 range.  Renting the equipment to work at that height is not cheap.

We estimated that we needed to raise about $56,000 to repair the roof and move forward with the elevator project.  So from June to November, 2021 we held a Pledge Campaign, which you responded to with open hearts.  We raised $27,334 or 49% of our goal.


Fundraising is a challenge in these times but we will be re-instituting our parish raffles, yard sale and dinners when permitted, to help address this shortfall as well.  We look forward to your continued support.  Stay Safe.

Your Finance Committee:

Paul Ayotte,  Luc Matteau, Brendan Moher,  Paul O'Brien"